can i take a dog stroller into walmart

Pet owners often wonder if they can bring their furry companions, especially dogs in strollers, into public places like Walmart. There are lots of establishments that have pet policies, so it’s crucial that you understand them to make sure you and your pet have a great time. We’ll go over what’s required to take a dog stroller into Walmart and offer pet etiquette tips so you don’t get into trouble.

  1. Know Walmart’s Pet Policy:

You should check out Walmart’s pet policy before you take your dog stroller there. Walmart generally follows the rules set forth by local health and safety regulations. Pets aren’t allowed at most Walmart locations, except service animals. It’s always best to check with your local Walmart store or visit their website to see what their pet policy is. Policies might vary depending on local laws and store management decisions.

  1. Exceptions for Service Animals:

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are permitted in places of public accommodation, including stores like Walmart. Service animals are defined as dogs (and in some cases, miniature horses) that are trained to perform specific tasks to assist individuals with disabilities. If your dog serves as a certified service animal, you are legally allowed to bring them into Walmart, even in a stroller, to perform their designated tasks.

  1. Pet Etiquette Tips for Walmart Visits:

Even if your dog qualifies as a service animal and is allowed inside Walmart, practicing good pet etiquette is essential to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone:

a) Leash and Harness: Keep your service dog on a leash or harnessed while inside the store. This helps maintain control and ensures the safety of your dog, other shoppers, and store employees.

b) Stroller Use: If you have a dog stroller, use it appropriately for your service animal. Avoid blocking aisles or impeding foot traffic.

c) Cleanliness: Ensure that your service animal is well-groomed and clean before entering the store. Be prepared to clean up after your dog if necessary.

d) Mind Personal Space: Respect the personal space of other shoppers. Not everyone may be comfortable around dogs, so be considerate and keep a reasonable distance from others.

e) Calm Behavior: Train your service animal to remain calm and well-behaved during the shopping trip. This will reduce any potential disruptions and create a positive environment for everyone.

  1. Consider Alternative Options:

If Walmart’s pet policy prohibits bringing dogs, even service animals, in strollers, consider alternative shopping arrangements. You can leave your dog in the care of a trusted friend, family member, or a professional pet sitter while you shop.


The store’s pet policy and whether your dog qualifies as a service animal determine whether you can bring a dog stroller in. Don’t forget to research and understand the store’s rules before coming in. To make sure you and your dog have a harmonious shopping experience, keep your pet safe and comfortable when running errands by following proper pet etiquette guidelines. If you are unsure, look for alternative shopping options. Happy shopping!

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