how much united airlines charge for a pet stroller

It is important for pet owners to know that traveling with their pet is a wonderful experience, and United Airlines understands the importance of accommodating the needs of their furry companions when traveling. It is crucial that you are aware of the airline’s policies as well as the associated costs associated with the stroller, if you plan to bring your pets along in a stroller. During this blog post, we will discuss United Airlines’ pet stroller policy, including the costs associated with it, as well as some tips and guidelines on how to travel comfortably and stylishly with your four-legged friend during your flight. It is important to consider the size and weight of your stroller when choosing one for travel. Also, make sure to check the airline’s policies on strollers before you book your flight. Finally, be sure to check if the airline has any restrictions on breeds or sizes of pets that are allowed on the plane.

United Airlines Pet Stroller Policy

United Airlines allows passengers to travel with small dogs, cats, birds, and other domesticated animals in the cabin, subject to certain restrictions. However, bringing a pet stroller requires adhering to specific guidelines set forth by the airline.

Costs of Bringing a Pet Stroller

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, United Airlines did not charge a separate fee specifically for bringing a pet stroller. The airline’s primary pet travel fee covers the transportation of your pet in the cabin, and as long as your pet stroller complies with their guidelines, it should not incur any additional charges.

Guidelines for Pet Strollers

  1. Size and Dimensions: The pet stroller must meet United Airlines’ carry-on size restrictions for cabin pet carriers. Typically, this means that the stroller must fit under the seat in front of you. The dimensions for pet carriers are generally limited to around 17 inches (length) x 11 inches (width) x 10 inches (height).
  2. Pet Weight Limit: The combined weight of your pet and the pet stroller should not exceed the airline’s specified weight limit for in-cabin pets. As of my knowledge cutoff, the weight limit for pets and carriers combined on United Airlines was usually around 20 pounds.
  3. Soft-Sided Strollers: United Airlines typically requires that pet strollers be of a soft-sided design, as they can fit more easily under the seat and provide comfort for the pet during the flight.
  4. Stroller Accessibility: Throughout the flight, the pet must remain inside the stroller, and the stroller must be stowed under the seat in front of you during takeoff and landing.
  5. Advance Reservations: It’s crucial to make advance reservations for your pet’s travel, including the use of a pet stroller, as United Airlines has limited space for pets in the cabin.

Important Note: It’s essential to keep in mind that airline policies are subject to change, and fees or guidelines might be updated. Therefore, it’s advisable to visit United Airlines’ official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their pet stroller policy and associated costs.


The United Airlines has established guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience for your pet when traveling with your pet in a stroller. United Airlines, as do many other airlines, has also developed guidelines for ensuring a more convenient journey for both of you. As long as you follow their pet stroller policy and think about the comfort of your pet, you will be able to enjoy exploring new destinations together with peace of mind, without having to worry about what to expect. Have a wonderful trip!

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