how to collapse dog stroller

If you’re taking your pet for a leisurely walk, a vet visit, or a trip, dog strollers are a great way to transport him. Among dog owners, one concern is how to collapse and store them. Let’s get started! We’re going to show you how to collapse your dog stroller properly, so you can store and carry it hassle-free.

Step 1: Prepare Your Dog Stroller

Before collapsing the dog stroller, make sure it’s empty and clean. Remove any toys, blankets, or other belongings that may be inside. Gently clean the stroller’s interior and exterior, as dirt or debris can hinder the folding process or damage the stroller over time.

Step 2: Review the manufacturer’s instructions

Each dog stroller model may have unique folding mechanisms and specific instructions. It’s crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s manual to understand the process for your specific stroller. This will ensure that you’re collapsing it correctly and prevent any potential damage.

Step 3: Lock the Brakes

Before collapsing the stroller, engage the brakes to stop it from rolling or moving during folding. This ensures your safety and prevents any accidental injuries.

Step 4: Collapse the Canopy

If your dog stroller has a canopy or sunshade, start by retracting or folding it down. This step varies based on the stroller design, so refer to your manual for specific instructions. Some strollers have buttons or levers to release the canopy, while others may require you to push and fold it manually.

Step 5: Fold the Frame

Next, locate the folding mechanism for the stroller’s frame. Many dog strollers have a one-hand folding mechanism that allows for easy collapsing. Typically, you’ll find a button, lever, or latch near the handlebar or frame. Press, slide, or lift the designated mechanism to initiate the folding process.

Step 6: Secure the Folded Stroller

After folding the stroller, make sure it is securely locked in the folded position. Some strollers automatically lock in place, while others may require a snap or latch to secure them. Double-check that the stroller is stable and won’t unfold during storage or transportation.

Step 7: Store the Collapsed Stroller

With your dog stroller neatly folded and secured, it’s time to store it properly. Choose a clean, dry, and safe location to store the collapsed stroller. Ideally, a closet or storage space away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight is best.


It might seem intimidating at first, but if you know the right steps and understand how your stroller works, you can do it easily. It’s easy to transport and store your stroller if you prepare it, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and secure the folding mechanism. Keep your stroller clean and well-maintained to make it last longer and make it comfortable for your furry friend. With a collapsible stroller in tow, you’re ready to take your dog on exciting adventures!

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