how to fold baby trend stroller

It’s easy to get around with little ones with Baby Trend strollers. Baby Trend stands out among the popular stroller brands for its durability and easy-to-use designs. You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble folding your Baby Trend stroller. You’ll learn how to fold a Baby Trend stroller effortlessly in this blog post, so you and your baby will have a stress-free trip.

Step 1: Find a Safe and Open Space

Before attempting to fold the stroller, make sure you are in a safe and open area. Ensure there are no obstacles or hazards around, allowing you to fold the stroller without any hindrance.

Step 2: Adjust the Stroller

Before starting the folding process, adjust the stroller to its most upright position. This step ensures that the stroller is in the correct starting position for folding.

Step 3: Locate the Fold Buttons or Levers

On most Baby Trend stroller models, you’ll find two fold buttons or levers located on the sides of the stroller frame. These buttons or levers are usually color-coded or labeled for easy identification.

Step 4: Press the Fold Buttons or Pull the Levers

Simultaneously press the fold buttons or pull the levers on both sides of the stroller. This action will release the locking mechanism that keeps the stroller in its open position.

Step 5: Collapse the Stroller

With the fold buttons or levers engaged, gently push the stroller forward, towards the handlebar. As you do this, the stroller will start to collapse inwards.

Step 6: Ensure Full Collapse

Continue pushing the stroller until it folds completely. You should hear an audible click or feel a noticeable lock when the stroller is fully folded.

Step 7: Secure the Lock

Once the stroller is folded, locate the stroller’s latch or lock. This safety feature ensures that the stroller remains closed during transportation or storage. Engage the latch to secure the folded position.

Step 8: Confirm the Fold

Double-check that the stroller is securely locked in its folded state. Gently shake the stroller to ensure it is stable and won’t accidentally unfold.

Step 9: Store the Stroller

Your Baby Trend stroller is now compact and ready for storage or transport. Depending on the stroller model, you may have the option to stand it upright when folded, saving space in your home or trunk.


It shouldn’t be hard to fold a Baby Trend stroller with this easy-to-follow guide. Just make sure you’re in a safe and open place, adjust the stroller upright, and find the fold buttons. To collapse the stroller, press the buttons or pull the levers, then lock the lock to make sure it stays folded. You’re now ready to go on stress-free adventures with your baby, knowing you’ve mastered the art of folding your stroller. Happy strolling!

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