How to make a pet stroller

A pet stroller offers a convenient and stylish way to transport your furry friend on outings, giving them a place to play and enjoy the world around them in a safe and comfortable manner. It can be a rewarding and enjoyable project for you to make your own pet stroller if you’re a pet lover and a DIY enthusiast. Here in this blog post, we’ll show you how to build a custom pet stroller that will exactly match the needs of your pet and what your craft skills are capable of.

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Sturdy Frame: Look for a lightweight yet robust frame that can support the weight of your pet. You can repurpose an old baby stroller or purchase a metal or PVC pipe frame from a hardware store.
  2. Fabric and Padding: Choose a durable and pet-friendly fabric for the enclosure, such as nylon or waterproof canvas. Ensure that it’s breathable and easy to clean. Add padding inside to provide extra comfort for your furry friend.
  3. Wheels: Invest in quality wheels that are suitable for the terrain you’ll be using the stroller on. Larger wheels with good traction work well for rough terrains, while smaller ones are ideal for smooth pavements.
  4. Zipper or Velcro: Get a sturdy zipper or Velcro strips to secure the enclosure and ensure your pet stays safe inside.
  5. Handlebar: You can use a foam-padded PVC pipe or a bicycle handlebar for a comfortable grip while pushing the stroller.
  6. Safety Harness: A pet harness will keep your furry friend securely strapped inside the stroller, preventing any accidental escapes.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Frame Preparation: If you’re repurposing an old baby stroller, remove the existing fabric and padding to create a spacious area for your pet. Otherwise, construct the frame according to the desired dimensions using metal or PVC pipes. Ensure the frame is stable and secure.
  2. Fabric Enclosure: Measure the dimensions of the frame and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving enough allowance for seams. Sew the fabric to create the enclosure, leaving an opening for the entrance.
  3. Add Padding: Line the interior of the enclosure with soft, pet-friendly padding to make it cozy and comfortable for your pet.
  4. Attach the Enclosure: Securely attach the enclosure to the frame using a zipper or Velcro strips. Ensure that the enclosure fits snugly, without any gaps.
  5. Wheel Placement: Attach the wheels to the frame using screws, making sure they are evenly distributed for stability.
  6. Handlebar Installation: If your stroller design includes a handlebar, attach it to the frame at a comfortable height for pushing.
  7. Safety Harness: Integrate a safety harness inside the stroller to keep your pet secure during rides.
  8. Test and Adjust: Before taking your pet on a stroll, thoroughly test the stroller for stability and safety. Make any necessary adjustments for a smooth and secure ride.


The DIY pet stroller you have made is a very impressive piece of work! Congratulations on making your very own pet stroller! It is a great way to keep your pet safe and comfortable while exploring. You can tailor your pet’s stroller to suit your pet’s specific needs as well as your unique style. When you take your pet on a ride, always make sure the stroller is sturdy and secure to ensure your pet’s safety. Now that you have purchased your new pet stroller, you can pamper your beloved pet and embark on exciting adventures together.

Just remember that your pet is not a baby, so no matter how cute they look in the stroller, resist the urge to give them a pacifier!

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