which way should baby face in stroller

A new parent may find it both exciting and overwhelming to select the correct stroller for their child and understand the best way for the baby to face forward. In a stroller, your baby’s orientation can influence the comfort, safety, and overall experience they have during an outing. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of facing your baby forward or rearward in a stroller, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with your child’s needs and preferences.

  1. Forward-Facing Strollers: Exploring the World

Forward-facing strollers are designed with your baby facing the direction of travel, allowing them to see the world in front of them. Here are some benefits of using a forward-facing stroller:

  • Curiosity and Exploration: As your baby grows and becomes more curious about their surroundings, a forward-facing stroller allows them to observe the world, engage with their environment, and interact with you during strolls.
  • Entertainment and Interaction: With your baby facing forward, you can easily interact with them, pointing out interesting sights and sounds, which enhances their cognitive development and bonding experience.
  • Reduced Nap Disturbance: For some babies, facing forward might lead to reduced disruptions during naps as they won’t see as many distractions.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of potential downsides:

  • Overstimulation: Some babies can get overstimulated when facing forward, leading to fussiness or fatigue during longer outings. Pay attention to your baby’s cues and provide breaks as needed.
  • Sun and Wind Exposure: Facing forward exposes your baby directly to the elements, so ensure the stroller has a good canopy or sunshade to protect them from harsh sunlight or gusts of wind.
  1. Rearward-Facing Strollers: Connection and Security

Rearward-facing strollers position your baby to face you while strolling. Here are the advantages of using a rearward-facing stroller:

  • Bonding and Comfort: Babies feel a sense of security when facing their caregivers. A rearward-facing stroller promotes eye contact and allows you to interact with your baby constantly, providing them with reassurance and emotional connection.
  • Sun and Wind Protection: With your baby facing you, you can shield them from direct sunlight or wind, ensuring they remain comfortable and protected during outings.
  • Nap-Friendly: Some babies find it easier to nap in a rearward-facing stroller, as they feel secure and comforted by your presence.

However, there are some aspects to consider with rearward-facing strollers:

  • Limited Interaction with the World: Your baby won’t have a direct view of the world around them, which might limit their exploration and interaction with the environment.
  • Growth and Development: As your baby grows older and becomes more curious about their surroundings, they might prefer facing forward to engage with the outside world.


You can’t tell whether your baby should face forward or backwards in a stroller based on their age, personality, or developmental stage. Both orientations offer unique benefits, and the ideal solution might vary from baby to baby. Consider your baby’s comfort level, stimulation level, and interaction preferences to pick the right one.

A rearward-facing stroller may be the best option for younger babies who need constant reassurance. A forward-facing stroller can provide plenty of stimulation and engagement as your baby grows.

You should choose a stroller that fosters the well-being, happiness, and safety of your baby while making strolling a pleasant experience for both of you.

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